Weight loss exercises for bad knees

If you bear bad pain in your knees, you take a lot of medication and dozes of painkiller that comes with many side effects. These supplements, such as glucosamine or chondroitin, have been advertised to help us, but many researchers have proved their results depend on the person’s imagination. If any person imagines less bad pain in the knees, he will actually have less pain. Especially if you are overweight, weight loss exercises for bad knees quite challenging.

Causes of Knee pain

Knee has three bones:

The upper part is the shinbone, the second is the kneecap, and the third is the lower part thighbone.

Strong tendons and ligaments hold bones together, between the bones cartilage beneath the kneecap. Diseases or damage or excessive weight that affects these three structures may lead to bad pain.

Weight loss exercises for bad knees

Importance of weight loss exercises for bad knees

Exercise is the key to decreasing pain, restoring knee function, and losing fat. Joint bear more pressure due to excess weight that makes the pain worse. Before taking weight loss, exercise for bad knees to make sure you have knowledge of which exercise is safe and which one is painful and try to avoid it.

Benefits of weight loss exercises for bad knee pain

One of the best remedies for bad knee pain is exercise, and it can help eliminate all kinds of knee pain. Weight loss exercise will reduce the load on your knee and help them to heal. 

1. It can alleviate stiffness and swelling. 

2. It will help to improve the range of motion in joint

3. It can improve strengthen the muscle of the knee 

According to a study of 2018, physical activities are best for knee pain and have good results in outcomes than injections, surgery, and medications. Weight loss exercise therapy for knees is not risky and have not any harmful effects like medications. Exercise will reduce the progression of knee osteoarthritis. So we can understand weight loss exercise is the best treatment for knee pain and have many advantages without any harm.

How to lose weight with bad knees?

Does everyone have a question in her mind about how to exercise with bad knees to lose weight? So here, you will get the answer to your question. Few of us think it is impossible to lose weight with bad knee pain, but it’s wrong; everything is possible in this world now. You can achieve your targets with your determination and motivation. Keep motivated and try to focus on your weight loss target. If you are bearing knee pain for longer, then low impact weight loss exercise can help stretch the knee, and it will support muscles, especially the quadriceps; and here are exercises to consider for weight loss. How to lose weight with bad knees? Walking, Cycling, water exercises, and strength training are the exercises for weight loss with bad knees.

The most important question is how to exercise with bad knees to lose weight?

Pilates and yoga have been very beneficial in increasing overall knee strength without overextending the knee joints. It would be best to start weight loss exercises gradually and slowly build up to increasing weight, reps, duration.


Leg muscles and tight knees add to pain; it’s critical not to skip stretching after exercising. Stretching will help the knee and muscles include knee quadriceps stretch and hamstring stretch.


Cycling is a safe exercise with bad knees to lose weight. It will provide you strengthening and aerobic benefits for weight loss. Cycling can promote the range of strengthens and glutes.


Regular swimming exercise will reduce your joint pain, and it will improve functional capacity in older adults and middle age. It can help you to burn fat. 


The walk will burn your calories and aids in weight loss; it will be beneficial to lubricate the joints. Slow walking is more friendly in knee pain. A walking exercise will increase the flow of your blood to tight muscle around your knees. 

Strength training exercise

This exercise is critical for the improvement of knee joints. For example, stated extension and weight machines have an essential role in the help of knee muscles. Some good exercises for the knees are modified squats, and straight leg raises.

Some others

  • The first exercise is to lie face down and bend your knee up.
  • The second exercise is, sit at a table and slowly straighten your legs.
  • The third exercise is, Lie on your back with your bent knees, place one knee over the other knee and slowly extend the leg upwards.

During the exercise, don’t ignore your knee pain. Here pain will alert you to stop the workout and don’t overdo exercise for weight loss; it can be a recovery setback. Discuss with your doctor to get guidelines about weight loss exercise moves, and he will tell you, which move, is suitable for your situation.

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