Are you searching for the Best Blood Glucose Meter and afraid that you might end up buying an inappropriate product that might not fit your needs? Does your neighbor’s constant complaints about ending up buying the wrong stuff online increase your worries?

Well, worry no more. Our team independently searched for the best blood glucose meters. We kept the users’ reviews, affordable price range, and easy-to-use factors up to high consideration. And after thorough research, we came up with a list that we are confident will match your demands. Besides, we would love to give you a short tour of ‘what to look for when buying a blood glucose meter.’

Why you need a glucometer?

Daily blood glucose level checking is one of the essential components of every successful diabetes control regime. It helps you monitor your blood glucose levels and let you identify the patterns that may lead to a possible spike or crash in your glucose level.

Moreover, it helps you assess the impact of certain factors like exercise and stress on your blood sugar. Regular blood glucose testing also enables you to determine diabetic medication’s effectiveness, a prerequisite for effective diabetic therapy.

While the frequency and rhythm of blood glucose testing depend on your physician’s recommendation and your specific diagnosis, the choice of selecting the gadget-glucometer is in your hands.

What makes a device ‘the best glucose meter’?

The best glucometer is the one that gives you the most accurate results and works for you. The times when you had to visit the hospital to check up your blood glucose levels are long gone. Modern glucometers let you check your blood sugar from the comfort of your sofa. Luckily there is a wide variety of devices available today; it is hard to choose a device, depending on your needs and comfort. From the simplest glucose devices to complex digital glucose monitors with tricked-out features, like Bluetooth capability, enable you to connect to your smartphone, allowing you to monitor your health better. There is a device out there for every one of you that lets you self-manage your diabetes and avoid any long-term complications.

Best Blood Glucose Meter
Best Blood Glucose Meter

Following are the main features you have to check for when getting a glucometer:


The quality of the testing strips used in your glaucometer and the device’s quality plays a vital role in determining its accuracy. Some meters are known for giving readings that are 10%-15% below or above the actual value. The Food and Drug Administration approves this minor technical variance, but users sometimes feel less confident with such gadgets. I mean, who doesn’t like accuracy? Right!!!

Ease of use

Most diabetic patients use glucometers multiple times a day. It makes it critically important for the users to pick the one with their preferred features and interface. Some users find devices with features like Bluetooth and USB ports, while others prefer to keep them as simple as possible. So we recommend checking out the glucometer’s features thoroughly before adding the credit card details because crying over spilled milk doesn’t make it un-spilled. Don’t you agree with that?

Cost and Insurance

Meters vary in terms of price. The more functions a meter features, the expensive it gets. But the best glucose meter with the cheapest strips should also be considered separately.

Always check with your insurance provider for coverage details. Some insurance companies limit coverage for certain models or limit the number of strips.

Data display

When using a glucometer, you probably will have to go through your readings multiple times a day. The checking part of the test should be kept as simple as possible. Most users prefer wide LED screens with larger readouts and better contrast, so it doesn’t strain their eyes. Another factor that users like to consider is buying a device with data review settings that feel intuitive to them to reduce the burden of frequent testing.

7 Best Blood Glucose Meters

To simplify things for our audience, we filtered dozens of blood glucometers on the web and came up with the following top 7 best glucose meters. We are confident that one of these will suit your medical, financial, and personal needs.

1.  AccuChek Aviva Plus Meter

Users consider the Accucheck Aviva Plus to be one of the most accurate blood glucometer available in the market. The device uses the AccuCheck Aviva Plus test strips, which fill up instantly with less blood (approx. 0.6 microlitres), making it an excellent device in measuring the blood sugar level without requiring a larger prick on the finger. It is comfortable in use with accuracy and precision. More than 150 system integrity checks help provide accurate and reliable results, avoiding any technical inconvenience.


  • Simple design and easy to handle
  •  Doesn’t require any coding
  • Built-in customizable test reminders
  • Less painful and require less blood to operate
  • Accurate results with 150 system integrity checks
  • Instant results within 5 seconds
  • Downloadable 500 value
  • The average level for 7, 14, 30, and 90 days
  • Designed to minimize pain
  • best glucose meter with the cheapest strips
  • No resticking, 97% of testers fill correctly on the first try


  • The only thing that we do not about the device is that it’s a bit expensive compared to other glucometers.

2.  One Touch Ultra2 System

Simple operation and a wider display screen with larger numbers make it one of the most common blood glucose monitor. The before- and after-meals blood glucose level comparison makes it stand out from the pile of the blood glucose meters.

Users can monitor the rise in their glucose levels after meals.  All it takes is a couple of seconds to check your blood glucose accurately. In light of the users’ reviews, the lancing device it uses is comfortable compared to others. The glucometer is capable of storing up to 500 results in its internal memory. A single battery can sustain it for 6 to 12-month use, depending on the cadence of the user’s need and check-ups.


  • Easy and smooth user interface
  • Fast results within 5 secs
  • Wider screen with larger numbers
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Up to 500 results storing internal capacity
  • Comfortable lancing device
  • Before vs. after-meal glucose comparison
  • Test strips widely available at any relative store
  • Strips compatible with other glucometers from One Touch
  • Compatible with computer software for better management


  • The test strips require coding, which is an outdated technology
  • Its free data management software is only available for windows

3.  FreeStyle Libre lite

The FreeStyle Libre lite is the world’s smallest glucose monitoring device that you can carry in your pocket anywhere to check your blood glucose levels. It is not painful at all. The more sophisticated patent coulometric technology guarantees reliable results.

CGS from FreeStyle Libre is specially designed for people interested in a more in-depth insight into their blood glucose levels. Doctors recommend Freestyle lite monitors for continuous blood glucose monitoring. By placing the device within your pocket all day with yourself, you will be able to develop a thorough understanding of what and how much certain activity fluctuates your glucose level by continuously checking it again and again.


  • Monitors the blood glucose level for a whole day
  • Painless
  • No coding means another step skipped to save time
  • Better accuracy with its patent coulometric technology
  • Assess the effect of exercises and food on blood glucose level


  • User may still need to do a blood glucose test

4.  Care Touch Blood Glucose Monitoring System

 It comes among Amazon’s Best Glucose monitors because of its affordable price, easy-to-use interface, and accurate results. This all-in-one pack is all you need to monitor your diabetes state at home. The kid includes a casing cover, Care Touch meter, lancet, test strips, 3 Volt Lithium Battery, and a lancing device. This kid is very beneficial for people who have no prior experience with glucometers.


  • Fast results-within 5 seconds
  • Memory- the device is capable of storing data up to 300 readings.
  • Keeping a 14-day average blood glucose level
  • The state-of-art strip ejection system lets you remove the soiled strip in a single touch.
  • You don’t have to insert the batching code on the strip into the device manually
  • Very reliable and accurate results with the state-of-the-art technology
  • The strips have a longer expiration period


  • The absence of backlight or portlight makes it challenging to use it in dark conditions
  • It does not come with a Bluetooth feature- some folks might find it obsolete.

5.  Contour Next One Smart Meter, Monitoring System

This blood glucose monitor is a better starter device for aged diabetic patients because for its users’ friendly interface and easy-to-operate procedure. The complete starter kit includes 100 Active Forward Lancets (30g), Contour NEXT EZ Diabetes Monitor, Contour NEXT Control Solution, 100 Contour NEXT Test Strips, Carry Case & Manual Log Book, and Microlet Lancing Device.


  • Very easy user interface
  • Highly accurate meters that promise reliable results
  • Instant results with a couple of seconds
  • No coding avoids extra burden and saves time
  • Preferred for senior diabetic patients who find operating gadgets difficult
  • Second chance sampling with tiny blood samples
  • Alarm reminders
  • Saved pre and post-meal glucose levels average values fo 7, 14, 30 days


  • Alternate site testing is not possible on this device; you can only use it on your fingers.

6.  Prodigy Glucose Monitoring Kit

If you are looking for a glucometer that works for visually impaired patients, well, look no further. Visually impaired patients can have a tough time reading their blood glucose results several times a day.

Luckily, this monitor can guide you through your results and read them aloud in four major languages: English, French, Spanish, and Arabic. The device’s reliability is rest assured to be among the best in the domain, so you don’t have to worry about credibility.

A complete kit includes a Prodigy Autocode blood glucose monitoring system, an adjustable depth lancing device, 100 test strips, ten twist-top lancets, a data logbook, two batteries, a user manual, and a carrying case. The device comes with a USB port that you can use to put your data into a computer for better management.


  • Audio reading in multiple languages
  • Approved for alternate site testing
  • A standard USB port for easy downloading functions
  • No coding required, which is valuable in saving some time for you
  • 400 test results storage capacity with date and time


  • The software that operates with the device has very limited features

7.  Glucocard Expression Meter Kit 1

While looking for digital blood glucose meters,  Glucocard Expression Meter Kit 1 was one of the most straightforward operating devices that we came across. For sure, it deserves to be mentioned here.

The auto-enabled and autocoded device comes high-reputed in the market and is quite affordable. If you are searching for an easy to use a glucose meter, this could be a better option.


  • Portable and smaller occupying space makes it easier to be taken
  • Availability in multiple colors makes it even more demanding
  • Enables data transfer for better diabetic management
  • Fast, accurate, and reliable test results


  • Only ten test strips- the device come with only ten testing strips and lancets. You have to buy the strips separately.


Finally, the best blood glucose meter is the one that meets all your personal, financial, and medical needs. Different devices can work quite differently for people in many ways because of multiple reasons depending on their interests. Keeping your preferences in mind, always look for the one that works best for you. We hope that our article will help you choose yours.

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